No sound!

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No sound!

Post by musys » 19 Nov 2007 16:38

unavailability of sound within MusiCAD most likely has to do with a MIDI-level set to zero in the windows mixer settings.
Installation of Windows Mediaplayer is likely known to have that side effect.

Try opening any .MID-file (not .WAV or .MP3) with another application (not MusiCAD) to verify that midi-playback is available an working.

If MIDI-files play alright in mediaplayer but MusiCAD is not able to play any of the demo-files you should verify the setting of [Options|MIDI-setup|Sound] to make sure a MIDI-driver is available. Also make sure that MIDI-playback isn't routed to a MIDI-port as most users will not have a MIDI-synthesizer/keyboard attached to their computer.

Quite a few Vista-installations do not install all MIDI-playback facilities out-of-the-box due to unavailable Vista-drivers... A MIDI-driver-update might be nessecary

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