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No license received

Posted: 30 Aug 2017 21:16
by musys
Some time ago I paid for a license, but I did not receive anything yet.
Now what?
Obviously something went wrong...

In search for the optimum action you might arrive here ;)
  • Embarrassing as it is, we may have missed your payment. :shock: Please contact to resolve the issue.
  • Perhaps a typo - check your payment account whether the payment was made correctly, and check whether the email-address was mentioned correctly with your payment.
  • Did you download/install/try MusiCAD?
    Intentionally, when MusiCAD gets downloaded and installed on a computer connected to the internet, a fingerprint-code is sent to our server to prepare a license. As soon as you are satisfied (try-before-you-buy) with the program you make a payment and should receive a personalized license based on name and before mentioned fingerprint. If you did not install MusiCAD yet, we do not have your computer's fingerprint code, so we can not provide you immediately with a license. As soon as you (re)install MusiCAD or complete [Help|Register] menu-item, we receive the necessary information to construct your license (which you will receive of course).
  • Should you conclude that MusiCAD isn't the right tool for your needs after all, and you still did not receive a license, you may request a refund.