New main board / processor

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New main board / processor

Post by musys » 04 Aug 2011 00:10

I have downloaded and installed Musicad.
This is the same PC as used with a licensed version of musicad with a new main board and processor and the operating system reloaded. I don't think I should re-enter the old license number as it will probably not recognise it. Please advise, I will, if need be buy a second license but as this is still the same same PC I don't think I should.
A new main board and processor will definitely cause MusiCAD to 'see' a new PC.
In fact it is a new PC, so you do need to purchase an additional license (10 euro)

On the other hand, should you replace the PC's case by a flashy new case while keeping main board/processor, the license should remain valid.
Upgrading the operating system should leave license valid as well.

To continue unlicensed please enter 0 as a temporary license - entering your previous (for a new PC illegal) license will cause trouble (leaving edited files unreadable)

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